It's Clear, Isabelle Fuhrman Works Hard For That Hard Body

We all know that when it comes to picking out the right outfit, it’s important to match as best you can. Now that doesn’t mean wearing all the same colors or patterns as that tends to do the opposite. Though there are those rare occasions when matching patterns are rather sexy. For example, Isabelle Furhman might be wearing camo panties under her camo shorts.

I can’t be 100% certain, but I have been examining these pictures of Isabelle Furhman wearing some tight workout clothing and either her short shorts are camouflage on the inside as well or her undies might match her shorts perfectly. Whether it’s true or not, one fact that isn’t in question is Isabelle Furhman looks really sexy in workout clothing. And we should take a moment to applaud Isabelle Furhman for looking so good in workout gear. How many times have you seen someone wearing workout clothes and it’s pretty obvious they aren’t coming from or going to the gym? It’s clear that Isabelle Furhman hits the gym or she has the greatest genes in the world.

You know, wearing the same pattern panties as her workout shorts could be one of secrets to success at the gym. If that’s the case; keep it up Isabelle Furhman, you look fantastic.