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After Tuesday’s 40-image, 15-female countdown of celebs with pierced nipples

… I received this comment from a sharped-eyed subscriber:

Naturally, Sleuth knew that French-American model Camille Rowehad a punctured left lung {figureatively speaking}… it’s just that she did not quite make the cut when it came to famous dames with pierced frames.

It seems whether I feature a post uncovering an exclusive Top Ten, Dirty Dozen or Favorite Fifteen, surely some deserving delights will have to wait for next time.

But that doesn’t mean the Sleuth isn’t happy to answer Reader Requests … and make up for any emissions.

So for those who don’t know, Camille Rowe only uses her first and middle names in modeling and acting—her surname is Pourcheresse—and was born in Ville d’avray, France on January 7, 1990. Her portfolio at Signature Models of New York (a division of the Elite agency) fills in the rest of her details…specifically 33.5-23.5-35.5.

Clearly not one for half measures, her French papa runs a restaurant, while her American mom—the person she “most admires” in the world—was a dancer at Le Lido Club in Paris…where toplesshas long been the rule!

And Camille seems to have inherited her mom’s at•tit•ude toward anatomy…frequently posing topless and full frontal abroad and in the States. Ironically, her most recent appearance in America was on the cover and centerfold of the now NON-NUDE Playboy {which makes about as much sense as a screen door in a submarine}! Notice how her piercing makes Rowe’s left nipple the high point of the shoot!

Recently interviewed while wearing a “Sex: Breakfast of Champions” T shirt, Camille—whose Twitter handle is @FingerMonkey—claims her “Number One Favorite Journey” is “Orgasm.” No doubt enhanced by the barbell in her bosom concealed by stars in this fashion photo.

Asked to name the living person she most despises, ravishing Rowe replies: “Putin and a couple ex-boyfriends.” Not sure if the lucky lad lying next to her (below right) qualifies…but there’s no question she wears it {her metal mam} well (below left)!

Camille’s favorite author is erotic icon Henry Miller, and when queried on “the quality you most like in a man?” she smiles: “All of them.” How about in a woman? “Passion,” the model gushes. And she seems to be in the throes of it (below right)—we’re betting it’s not the piercing in her ear (below left) that put her over the top!

Sleuth has a passion for accuracy and detail, shared by Skin staff…one of whom replied to sender svnfme with a suggestion of his own:

And while it’s true her topless scene in 2010’s Our Day Will Come(below right) clearly camebefore Camille had her orb penetrated … the pert piercing was front and center two years later in Deadliest Catch(2012, below left).

So it would seem she got itoften in light of her non-stop sex talk—upon turning 21 in 2011, when she filmed Deadliest Catch…a film not to be confused with the Discovery Channel series ironically hosted by Mike Rowe!

In any case, we’re up in arms whenever Camille Rowe raises hers—showing an added benefit of the jug jewelry to be preventing the model’s slip from falling past her nip!

As Robby Dupree sang in the hit song that plays in the background of her pallid Playboy video, “Why Don’t We Steel Away!”

Any further questions?