Enjoy All The Ireland Baldwin Hotness

Whether she's in a pair of tight and sexy jeans or not wearing pants at all, Ireland Baldwin is hot. It's kind of hard to decide what is hotter. Sure, you would think instantly the whole no pants thing would be the winner, but when she's in pants she's rocking some awesome cleavage. That makes it pretty hard to decide between Ireland Baldwin in pants and Ireland Baldwin out of pants.

I guess we really shouldn't make it a contest, we can totally stare longingly at Ireland Baldwin in pants and then stare equally longingly at Ireland Baldwin's cleavage. They are both very beautiful and easy on the eyes. It's just a little crazy that Ireland Baldwin could be so hot that even when she's fully dressed she's giving off the same amount of hotness as when she's only wearing thigh-high boots and some kind of see-through top. I think she's wearing some thong panties, but I can't tell for sure. Either way, she's showing off a lot of leg and it is sexy. It's almost as sexy as Ireland Baldwin rocking a mostly unbuttoned top. Seriously, Ireland Baldwin is overloaded with hotness.

Don't decide, don't pick, stay up on that fence. Enjoy Ireland Baldwin in all her many forms. She can wear pants and be super hot, she can not wear pants and be super hot. That's all kinds of Ireland Baldwin awesome.