Now that baseball is in full swing for spring, the Mr. Skin HQ is once again divided - a hefty number of Chicago Cubs fans are rivaled by just as many White Sox fans, the latter of which includes Mr. Skin himself. Despite the eh hem, friendly rivalry, this means our city has the double the options for quality baseball games, quality beer, and the best hot dogs in the nation.

We naturally take special interest in the beautiful women dating or married to Chicago (OK, all) baseball players too, and despite the fact that both the Cubs and Sox openers have had to contend with rain this year (including today's game in Wrigley), we thought we'd dedicate a post to a few of the wives and girlfriends who make a splash for us. 

Rounding up the most beautiful wives and girlfriends of Sox players this year was slightly more difficult than normal - only because of the extensive rebuilding the team is doing. The strategic trades did land them some prime prospects though - including some with really, really attractive girlfriends:

Brielle Biermann (Michael Kopech)


it's all about the angles

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 The daughter of a reality star, no less. Despite the roster changes, the Sox have just as many sexy ladies as the Cubs:

Ashley Paddock (Carlos Rodon)

Johanna Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) 


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 Anakarina Garcia (Avi Garcia)


Te Amo preciosa

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Erin Robertson (David Robertson) 

Jackie Frazier (Todd Frazier)



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Angie Asche (Codie Asche)

Bria Anderson (Tim Anderson)  

Next up, we have the ladies of the 2016 World Series champs - the Cubs:

Gina Grimm (Justin Grimm) 


6 weeks of hard work so far! #lovetheprocess #fitlife #fitness

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Melisa Russell (Addison Russell)


5'1 but my attitude 6' #getitfrommymama

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Emily Vakos (Anthony Rizzo)


It was about 12:10 and I was doing my thang

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Julianna Zobrist (Ben Zobrist)

Natalie Szcur (Matt Szcur)


Happy Valentine's Day, my love @superszcz4.

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Kristina Lackey (John Lackey)


This guy has my heart.....and umbrella!!!

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Stephanie Duchaine (Mike Montgomery) 

 Vanessa Montero (Miguel Montero)


No filter needed! when I'm with YOU everything is so perfect,love you @miguelmontero26

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Brittany Arrieta (Jake Arrieta)