Hard be still! The age of social media has been working wonders for Hilary Duff, who will forever be relevant as long as she keeps on showing off her massive mom mams, like in the new bikini beach picture above! The busty blonde has all but given up on providing paper thin context for her Instagram and Snapchat tit-tures, and at this point might as well just caption them as "BOOBIES." The jiggles up - we know what the images are all about, and we approve! I'm looking through Hilary Duff's Instagram right now, and it doesn't get much more straightforward than this:



Happy Satarday. Just spilled iced coffee all over my boobs trying to cross the street with a bicycle marathon going on WITH a four year old..and paps snappin away .... #livinthatmomlife #whoswithme

AKA "BOOBIES."My kind of girl. The former Disney star has one of the best pairs out there right now, and hopefully her excitement in the picture at the top of the post means that she's just dying to bust 'em out all over the place. The 28-year-old celebrity currently starts on the very well received TV Land series Younger, and season three is set to premiere on September 28th. Thanks for helping us close out the summer with a bang, Hills!

Via Instagram