Don't Know How or Why, But Heidi Klum Still Looks Great

I'm not one to pretend to know how everything in the world works. When I don't understand something, don't know how something works, or just don't get it, I say so. I don't see the point in pretending to understand something you truly don't. So when it comes to Heidi Klum, I simply don't understand how she continues to be this unbelievably hot.

I remember my younger days and way back then, Heidi Klum was a total knockout. She was a stunner. She was the super-est of supermodels... just like she is right now. Heidi Klum is still one hell of a stunning super-est of supermodel knockouts. Her hotness seems to know no limits. That can't be explained, it simply is something we all have to endure. Wait, endure is the wrong word, I meant to saying something we all have to enjoy. Yeah, that sounds a lot better. We all have to enjoy Heidi Klum's constant hotness. Be it in a sexy dress, a sexy top, or her sexy boobs, we all have to find a way to keep on enjoying Heidi Klum. I do believe this is a challenge we can all live up to.

Is it diet? Is it exercise? Is DNA or is it something magical? I don't know. All I know is Heidi Klum has some great boobs and seeing them is just as awesome now as it was back then.

photos via Harper's Bazaar Germany

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