The Hangover 2 to Feature Heather Graham Knocked up on the Pole?

The raunchy blockbuster comedy The Hangover hit DVD and Blu-ray this week, giving us a good look at Heather Graham nude when she busted out her right breast. But what was lacking in the movie was footage of Heather's Vegas stripper character actually peeling on the pole.

Luckily, if Heather gets her way, the sequel, which is currently in development, will remedy that oversight and Graham will get her knockers out on stagewhile knocked up!

Heather told E! Online about her hopes for her character, Jade:

I think Stu should get her pregnant, and that she should do a pregnant strip dance. I know it sounds so wrong, but it sounds so right.

That definitely does sound so right, Heather, especially if you show off your right (and left)!

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