Megan Fox's Hotness Deserves Its Own Day

It's Megan Fox's birthday and while normally we would just say, "happy birthday," the ordinary just won't do when you are as hot as Megan Fox. Oh no, you have to do something extra special. It's a not birthday day, it's a Fox Day. A day in which we all celebrate Megan Fox's complete and total hotness.

Sure, Fox Day might be every day for some of you and that's totally cool. Megan Fox has a killer body and honoring it each and every day isn't that strange a concept. Of course, now that it is Fox Day one has to ask when we get the ultimate Fox Day gift... a topless Megan Fox. Sure, it's totally up to her if she wants to get nude on screen, but one would think at some point—somewhere down the road—Megan Fox will do a nude scene. I'm actually a bit surprised we haven't seen Megan Fox rocking some kind of see-through lingerie or something like that. And I don't mean see-through lingerie that you have really squint to see if you are seeing what you think you are seeing. I'm talking about barely there fabric that leaves nothing to the imagination. After all she does design her own lingerie, she knows what looks sexy, and there ain't nothing sexier than Megan Fox in see-through lingerie.

Until that magical day happens let's all celebrate Fox Day with a day of Megan Fox sexiness. Watch your favorite Megan Fox movie, look at your favorite Megan Fox lingerie pics, and close your eyes and dream of Megan Fox. That's a day well spent.