Happy birthday Paris Hilton! What better way is there to celebrate the OG's big day than with a walk down mamory lane?

We talk a lot about nip slips on here, but that conversation is DOA without the inclusion of 2000s nip slip queen Paris Hilton! Before the Internet came into prominence the DVD Best of Paris!!! allowed fans to relive Paris Hilton's wildest drunk moments, many of which included epic nip slips. Paris and her cohorts, loving life and barely conscious, could often be found braless while leaving and entering clubs in Hollywood. The paparazzi were there to document every critical moment of this thoroughly 2000s experience.

Plus, Paris managed to slip her nip in two other projects - the horror musical Repo! The Genetic Opera and the comedy The Hillz.

While we're focusing on her nip slips today, Paris Hilton is so much more than her body, and turned what could have been 15 minutes of fame into a lucrative brand recognized the world over. We're not just spending 1 Night In Paris' corner, we'll be there forever.