Puerto Rican/Italian porno siren Gina Lynn (Picture: 1 - ) has it all-huge enhanced boobs that make the world a better place to walk around in, her superfly signature website, her new 2008 calendar, a big monster truck she likes to drive, a porn-star husband who adores her, and most recently, she has the third edition of her Double D's and Derrieres series to be proud of. She has even got her own line of vibrators-and you know that spells success!

In the mainstream, the blonde bombshell has appeared alongside James Gandolfini on episodes of The Sopranos and she had hoses everywhere standing at attention when she appeared on the fireman/emergency-rescue-worker-themed series Third Watch. Eminem saw her on the show and personally selected her to appear in his "Superman" video, and she shared screen time with Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro in the comedy Analyze That.

Formerly a Pleasure Productions and Club magazine contract performer and a stripper before that, she currently produces and distributes her company's own productions at Gina Lynn Productions.

Were you always a porn fan?

I had an ex who was always trying to make me watch porn with him. I prefer softcore stuff to hardcore-I like not seeing all the action.

What's your favorite of all of the porn movies you have been in?

Gina Lynn's Dark Side, oh my God, since my production company put that out, I never hear about any other title. I do a lot of crazy stuff in that movie, stuff I had never done before. It's got so many different aspects of me in it.

Who are your favorite people to work with?

I've only worked with her twice but she's so beautiful-Lanny Barbie. I love her, she's gorgeous, she's so beautiful in every way. She's very feminine but she's also kind of a tomboy

So how did you end up on TV?

My best friend had sent my photos in to a casting office online and they called me later and I went in to the office.

The agency had me booked that night to do an episode of Third Watch. Third Watch called me a lot to be on the show-sometimes I could do it and sometimes, I couldn't-and I was on the last two episodes right before the series ended. It was a bachelor party and I was a stripper there.

On The Sopranos, I did a speaking role opposite James Gandolfini, and I had to audition for the three lines I got to say on the show.


Yeah, it was crazy. It was really cool, though. He's almost like his character on the show-very overbearing. He was just boss of the whole cast pretty much. He was very nice to me, though. The cast asked me a lot about the movies I've made. Paulie Walnuts (Tony Sirico)-every time I went there, I gave him a bunch of movies.

What was next for you after that?

Well, Eminem went to a pre-screening of Analyze That, and he saw me in it and he was like, "I want that girl in my next video."

The "Superman" (Picture: 1) shoot was the night before I was doing a store signing appearance in North Carolina. I ended up flying to Los Angeles the next day to be in the video.

I was told that Shannon Elizabeth (Picture: 1) was supposed to play a role in the "Superman" video, but then Eminem cast another girl in her role the night before instead. He wanted things perfect and his way, so I ended up staying up all night to do the video and then the store signing and I was sick too.

Glad you made it! So what's Slim Shady like?

He was really, really polite and very shy around me. He's like a little schoolboy, he's cute. I saw him be polite to everybody.

Let's get back to Analyze That (Picture: 1 - 2). Working with Robert De Niro had to have been mindblowing!

Robert De Niro was cool. It was really cool being on that set. Everyone on the crew was so respectful, not all goo-goo-ga-ga because I was half-naked.

The part with Billy Crystal where I put my boobs in his face-he pulled out my little hot shorts and kept putting money in there. They both took pictures with me, and they didn't have to do that. There are a lot of people who want to get their picture taken with Robert De Niro.

There are a lot of people who want to be photographed with you too! Tell me about your production company.

My husband and I started it when I was under contract with Club magazine, and at the beginning, because of that contract, I wasn't able to be in my own videos. A lot of the storeowners and the fans were disappointed by that.

When my Club contract ended and I went to Exquisite, I started appearing in one, two, or sometimes three scenes in every one of my titles. Jules Jordan is distributing my work now. Everybody wants to be with him. He's the top star in gonzo.

That's funny-you say you like the softer stuff but there you are with the gonzo king!

It's funny, I get turned on just watching regular movies. Being in it and watching it is different. I don't watch myself. I know so many people in porn that it's weird watching the movies for that too.

What do you do for fun then?

Gina Lynn Motorsports is something I'm working on. I have a big Gina Lynn monster truck I have driven and I'm working on getting sponsors and we're going to all the events. I'm going to get trained to drive over all the cars. I have a Gina Lynn motorcycle that's being customized. I want to get into the motocross stuff. I want to open a Skin Industries store, also, because I model their clothes. I really want to try that out-do something different.

Speaking of modeling, your 2008 calendar is out!

Everyone seems to like it. I kept it where it's sexy but softcore-my nipples are covered so people can actually put it up, maybe not in their office, but in their garage or their college dorm. I'm not spread-eagle; no one will get shocked.

Damn your prudish sensibilities! Anyway, what mainstream stars would you most like to do a sex scene with?

David Beckham the soccer player-I idolize that guy. Angelina Jolie (Picture: 1) is amazing. She's such a good actress and then she's got that wild side. I think Scarlett Johansson (Picture: 1) is amazing looking too. She's got really nice curves. She was my favorite for a while.

What do you like to watch when you're at home relaxing?

Monster movies never get old for me. Right now though, I'm addicted to reality TV shows. A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila-I never miss that. I like The Shot, the show about photographers. I learn a few tricks here and there from that show for when I'm shooting girls. I love The Amazing Race. I'd love to be on that with Travis. We're both so active. I used to hate I Love New York, but now there's something I like about her. The way she talks to the guys cracks me up. I've got America's Most Smartest Model on TV in front of me right now.

What should fans look forward to seeing from you in the future?

My whole website is going to be re-vamped once again this month. It's going to have so much more content on it. It's going to offer a lot more than it has on it right now. All my fans out there-keep logging on and you'll see great new stuff soon!

images of Gina Lynn all courtesy of GinaLynn.com and MySpace.com/ginalynnxxx

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