It took fifty-eight bloody seasons, but Days Of Our Lives finally delivered a threesome sex scene with two women and a dude, and it's breaking the Internet! The characters are Allie, Chanel and Alex, and even the show's most diehard fans didn't see this one coming.

This is a first-ever for the long-running soap opera, and many are attributing the bold move of depicting a group sex scene to the show's recent switch from network television to Peacock. Days Of Our Lives showrunners initially promised fans that the soap would not change one iota after making the switch to streaming, but this new sex scene might just mean we're in for a lot more adult content.

Same-Sex Couple On Days Of Our Lives

Allie Horton (actress Lindsay Arnold) and Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) are the resident same-sex couple on Days Of Our Lives. Except neither woman is a lesbian - they're both someone where the middle, and definitely open to experimentation.

Controversial Days Of Our Lives Threesome Sex Scene Video And Pics Are Here!

Full Threesome Sex Scene Vid From Days Of Our Lives

In walks the lucky actor Robert Scott Wilson, who plays Alex Kiriakis. These names! Anyway, he finds himself in the middle of a soap sandwich after Allie and Chanel entice him by making out in front of him.

Pretty soon all three of their bodies are intertwined in a darkly lit bedroom scene. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on, but it's clear that Robert Scott Wilson is the winner of today. Congrats dude. After their threeway sex scene the two women share some loving exchanges before the sweaty Alex collapses in between them in bed.

Controversial Days Of Our Lives Threesome Sex Scene Video And Pics Are Here!Controversial Days Of Our Lives Threesome Sex Scene Video And Pics Are Here!

Threeway Sex Scene Controversy

Not everyone is as thrilled about this naughty little scene as us. As you can imagine, after fifty-eight seasons, Days Of Our Lives has attracted some pretty devoted and even protective fans, and not all of them are opening up their hearts to this open relationship. Negative online reactions to the controversial scene range from:

Today's episode was disgusting. Days has gone too far with the Allie, Chanel, Alex storyline. This is obscene. I'm done!


Days of our Lives is disgusting now!! I have watched for over 40 years - I didn't know it could get any more disgusting but now they have young people having threesomes! No wonder our country [is] spiraling out of control.


I'm really shocked and highly disappointed in Days bringing on a threesome. It's an all-time low for me for Days to be so desperate to do this. Where do you draw the line, writers?

We hope the line will never be drawn, and that the next episode of Days Of Our Lives will go full Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge.