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Franka Potente: Best Nude Scenes

Franka Potente, the German actress involved in such films as the Jason Bourne series, and cult hit Run Lola Run (1998) has doffed some clothes from time to time. And Mr. Skin was there to document it all and conjure each occurrence together for the purpose of providing you with this very accessible playlist. Potente pulls off her two tops and shows off her two tits before climbing down into the pool in Nach Fünf im Urwald (1995). In Die Drei Mädels von der Tankstelle (1997) she’s in the sack making out with a German chap while one of her funbags pokes into shot. From the same film, she’s in a red bra, helping a dude in getting undressed. She should focus on helping herself in that department. Franka sits up in bed in ¿Bin Ich Schön? (1998) and flashes her rack ever so briefly. But to answer your question – Ja, sehr schön. Later on, some wind blows up her dress for a quick treat to her undergarments. In I Love Your Work (2003) some chest exposure in bed is there to be had for Potente admirers. Out in the park she flashes her bazooms to some stunned tourists. In Blueprint (2003) some of her right boob flies into shot after unsuccessfully seducing her mother’s lover. Franka is getting railed missionary style in Romulus, My Father (2007) and her tatas move with the motions of her thrusting body. Later on she’s walking around in a robe, squeezing some lemons. Just what I was thinking.

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