It's a good thing Amber Heard has a movie career, because it looks like NBC's The Playboy Club will be going cottontail up sooner rather than later. Not only did the show debut with a disappointing 5 million viewers (compared to Two and a Half Men's 11.3 and The New Girl's 10.1), but now a former Playboy bunny is trashing the show in the pages (ok, the blog) of Vanity Fair.

Marilyn Miller (pictured at left) worked at the Chicago, Los Angeles and New York Playboy clubs from 1961 to 1967, so she knows a thing or three about how things really went down:

"I worked in the Chicago club, but the show is not really based on it, believe me. I’m so disappointed. None of those things happened," Miller told a VF reviewer. She went on to say that the Bunnies never danced with keyholders in real life (a key plot point in The Playboy Club's first episode) and in fact customers weren't even allowed to touch them.

"I didn’t like the whole show. I thought it was cheap, it was degrading, it was demoralizing. It makes the Bunnies seem silly. You didn't have time to stand around and flirt with the customers or talk to the other Bunnies or run around and get in trouble or have a smoke in the back alley. You were so busy. You worked! "

Miller also couldn't resist getting a jab in at the TV bunnies', uhm, ears:

"And the costumes last night were terrible! They flattened the women out. None of the TV Bunnies looked like we looked. We looked very pretty, very endowed...Not one Bunny I know liked the show. Everyone is hoping it gets canceled."

Always looking out for a Bunny's breast assets- that's a woman after our own hard-ons!

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