Gorgeous story-telling. Stunning visuals. Naked, lesbian sex scenes. Sexy South Korean film The Handmaiden actually has it all. That's why we're focusing on this film for Foreign Film Friday that is chock-full of female nudity. 



The movie is based on the novel Fingersmith by Sarah Waters and directed by Chan-wook Park who made sure to display his stars in the most skintillating light possible. Tae-ri Kim is a pickpocket who has become a hired handmaiden to a Japanese heiress played by Min-hee Kim. However, she is secretly in a plot to convince the heiress to elope with a domineering con-man who wants to steal her fortune. The plan seems to be working until...



That's right! The two women develop feelings for each other and you know what that means: lots of kissing and fondling! The plot to take down the heiress is set aside for a new plot to bang the heiress which ends up being way more successful. 



They lezz out pretty hard in an epic scene that features gorgeous shots of the two women 69ing. They do it all together and we have our eyes wide open watching! 



There's so much to enjoy in this movie and it makes us greatly appreciate the beautiful storytelling and beautiful women that South Korean films have to offer.