It's hard to travel during these times, but the best and safest way to see the world is by watching foreign films. I've always wanted to go to Italy for the food, the culture, and the absolutely drop-dead gorgeous women. Watching the 2018 movie Drive Me Home makes me feel like I'm there hanging out with the sexy Sofia Bellucci who shows her bare boobs. Join me in this fantasy with today's Foreign Film Friday: Drive Me Home.

Foreign Film Friday: Sofia Bellucci in Drive Me Home

Two old friends go to a small Sicilian town and reconnect after not having seen each other in years. This is definitely a male-bonding road trip movie, but the sausage fest takes a rest for one sexy scene. They take a break from each other to hang out in a hot tub with Sofia Bellucci and Chiara Ombelli. Chiara and Sofia enjoy a threesome in the hot tub and we are treated to shots of them touching underwater.

Foreign Film Friday: Sofia Bellucci in Drive Me HomeForeign Film Friday: Sofia Bellucci in Drive Me Home

This was both Sofia and Chiara's first nude scene ever. Based on how daring and delicious they both are in this scene, it's highly likely we'll get more nudity from both of them in the near future.The babes in Drive Me Home will drive you crazy!