The entire world recently met Maria Bakalova as Borat's daughter Tutar in Borat 2. She was incredible and beautiful which has people wondering who exactly is she and has she gone nude. Luckily, she has! She is a Bulgarian actress who showed her breasts before in the 2018 film Transgression. For today's Foreign Film Friday, let's head to Bulgaria for some breasts!

Foreign Film Friday: Maria Bakalova's Bare Boobs

Transgressions plot follows an older rockstar who meets this young woman played by Maria Bakalova. They start a taboo romance that shows us Maria's bare breasts when she goes swimming with the guy.

Foreign Film Friday: Maria Bakalova's Bare BoobsForeign Film Friday: Maria Bakalova's Bare Boobs

In another scene, Maria's character brings her friend along to have a threesome. Her friend is played by Yoanna-Izabella Varbanova who bares her buns and bosom in this sensual scene where the two young ladies have their way with this rock god. This scene starts with the girls making out with one another before taking off all of their clothes for this guy. These Eastern European babes truly know how to transgress past their clothes.

Foreign Film Friday: Maria Bakalova's Bare Boobs

Things get sticky, however, when Maria's character is coaxed onto being on a talk show and spilling all the details about their relationship. People think it's wrong, so vigilantes then go after the rockstar to make him pay which means that Maria and this dude go on the run. It is a tense plot, but we are very happy to see her hooters along the way. The threesome scene is seriously hot. Watch it for yourself here. Don't worry - it's not a Transgression to watch: