For today's Foreign Film Friday, I just want to have a laugh. That's British for having a good time (I think) and today's British film is thoroughly a good time. Let's go across the pond to check out the English sex comedy Carry on England and all of its beautiful boobs.

Foreign Film Friday: 1970s Boobs in Carry On England

The Carry On series was directed by Gerald Thomas and made raunchy, silly comedies for decades. Literally decades! There were 31 pictures made from 1958-1978 with an additional film made in 1992. There were also Christmas specials, a TV series, and three live stage plays. All of them have bawdy slapstick humor and follow military recruits doing National Service and trying to do their duties. In Carry On England, we see an experimental co-ed air defense base with men and women trying to put sexual desires aside to do their duties. That's nearly impossible with chesty babes like Tricia Newby, Linda Regan, and Louise Burton reporting for duty without their shirts on.

Foreign Film Friday: 1970s Boobs in Carry On England

We see the babes topless a few times. They all sleep without shirts on which is wonderful when Barbara Hampshireand Jeannie Collingssit up with their dirty pillows out. All the racktastic recruits sit up and show off that none of them are wearing their clothes. They are all sleeping in the nude like good soldiers. This scene will have you giving them a stiff salute!

Foreign Film Friday: 1970s Boobs in Carry On EnglandForeign Film Friday: 1970s Boobs in Carry On England

The ladies of Carry On certainly are carrying on with their cans out. When they say to "lay back and think of England" this must be what they mean: thinking about these British boobs. Check out one of the hilarious and hot topless scenes here: