If you're looking to see every Emma Stone nude scene in Poor Things, then you are in the right place! Everyone wants to see Emma Stone naked in Poor Things, Emma Stone Poor Things sex scenes, and everything in between, and we've got you covered. How many nude scenes does Emma Stone have in Poor Things? Keep reading to find out.

2023's most shocking awards season contender comes to us from director Yorgos Lanthimos - the same man behind Emma Stone's nude debut in The Favourite. Poor Things is about a Frankenstein-ized woman named Bella Baxter (Stone), born anew in an adult woman's body. She's brought to life by mad scientist Godwin (Willem Dafoe), but defies his orders and embarks on a journey across Europe to indulge in life's many pleasures. A man named Duncan (Mark Ruffalo) aids Bella in her favorite pleasure - that of the flesh, or as Bella calls it, "furious jumping!"

Bella eventually tires of her relationship with Duncan and discovers that she can get paid for having sex (her favorite thing) by being a prostitute at a brothel in Paris. If you're good at something, don't do it for free. Between her intense sex scenes with Ruffalo, her hookups with tricks at the brothel, and more compromising situations, Emma Stone delivers a grand total of thirteen nude scenes in Poor Things! This is an incredible opportunity to check out full nudity from one of the biggest stars in the world.

We're capitalizing on this once-in-a-blue moon A-list nude role by ranking each and every one of Stone's thirteen nude scenes in Poor Things.

Emma Stone Nude Scenes In Poor Things

1) Emma Stone Sex Montage With Mark Ruffalo

Seeing Bella's delight as she gets an incredible dicking in every position imaginable is a delight indeed. The best "furious jumping" scene in Poor Things.

2) Emma Stone Orgasming Scene

Just before the montage, another sex scene zeroes in on Stone's very realistic O-face.

3) Emma Stone Getting Dry Humped

Unbelievable full frontal look at Stone's bush as she's tied up.

4) Emma Stone Bottomless

She casually drops her pants in front of an increasingly sexually frustrated Mark Ruffalo.

5) Lesbian Scene In Poor Things

Stone gets it on with her confidant at the brothel, played by Suzy Bemba, in a surprise lesbian scene. Bella doesn't care where she gets it from!

6) Bella's First Time Masturbating, Plus Emma Stone's Feet As She Cums

This is the first time Bella discovers how fun it is to cum. See her toes curl as she fingers herself!

7) Bella Baxter Naked

Just before the fingering scene we get this beautiful shot of Emma's incredible body.

8) Crab Walking Scene In Poor Things

The comical succession of johns at the brothel includes this crab walker. Awesome, clear shot of Stone's natural breasts.

9) First Brothel Sex Scene

Emma lets her bush hang out during her first hookup with a client.

10) Dad Teaches Sons How To Have Sex

In one of the most awkward sex scenes in Poor Things, a father has his sons watch him bang Bella to instruct them on how to have good sex. Emma tries her best, but she's not working with a lot.

11) Bella Naked With Tatted Woman

The madame of the brothel has been around the block, and it shows. She has an intimate talk with Bella while Bella is, of course, naked. Because when is she not?

12) Bella Has Sex With Rough John

She finds out that sex isn't all fun and games when her client ends up being gruff and rough.

13) Bella's Corpse

Of corpse this look at dead Bella is last, but we still have to include it. We promised every nude scene!