Emily Ratajtkowski Can Bring Whatever She Wants With Her When She Bathes

Of all things I would have believed Emily Ratajkowski brought with her into the bathtub—the world’s most expensive bubble bath, a diamond encrusted champagne flute filled with Prosecco or some other fancy sparkling beverage, and a yellow rubber duck—the one thing I can safely say never crossed my mind would be a pair of glasses. And yet, here is Emily Ratajkowski in the tub wearing a pair of glasses.  

Though I guess since it is Emily Ratajkowski, she could can do or wear whatever she wants in the tub. If she decided that she wanted to wear socks while having her bath or plastic hats with two beers on the side while soaking away the day, she could do it. She’s Emily Ratajkowski and in her world everything is freaking beautiful and it all makes sense. Personally I would think that worrying about the glasses constantly falling off, maybe getting rusty, or having them fall down the drain—it could happen—would keep someone from wearing glasses in the tub. But not Emily Ratajkowski, she lives by her own rules.  

I’m sure Emily Ratajkowski isn’t the first person to take a bath while wearing glasses, but I bet you she's the sexiest person to wear glasses in the tub. Still I hope there is a rubber ducky floating somewhere in that tub with Emily Ratajkowski.