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A Nude Emily Ratajkowski Never Disappoints

With the way the world disappoints us it can be hard to believe that anything could be as awesome as you think it might be. Whether it's that car you've had your eye on or just a fancy meal at a trendy restaurant, things always have a way of letting you down... except for when it comes to Emily Ratajkowski. Emily Ratajkowski nude in bed, well that's always going to live up to everyone's fantasy.

And it should come as a shock to no one that Emily Ratajkowski sleeps in the nude. Sure, I can't be 100% sure she does, but Emily Ratajkowski totally catches some Zs while wearing nothing at all. Why wouldn't she? From all we can tell Emily Ratajkowski is quite fond of being nude, which is nice because we are all very fond of her being nude, so why wouldn't she do one more activity in the nude? Plus, I hear that sleeping in the nude is good for you, lots of health benefits and stuff like that. It could totally be made up stuff to get people to click on articles, but I have to say that Emily Ratajkowski makes sleeping in the nude seem like the greatest idea anyone has every had.

So, forget all about life's disappointments for bit and focus on the glorious sight that is Emily Ratajkowski nude in bed. Hey, maybe she'll do a couple of non-Instagram pics of her in the bed. That would probably do the even rarer thing and exceed all expectations.