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The man whose name says it all, Nude Lover, for tipping us off about a possible nude Amanda Seyfried in the near future. We always appreciate hearing from the skin-fans who keep an ear to the ground listening for rumblings of upcoming nudity in TV and movies.

After all, that the raison d’etre of and since we don’t want to see you guys’ nips, we are always ready to hear your tips.

Spend those three days looking at what you evidently love, Nude Lover, and keep those tips and comments coming!

Nude Lover’s comment came in response to a post about Vanessa Hudgens’ claim that she will be naked in her upcoming film Sucker Punch, which also generated some other memorable comments.

ChooChoo Johnny opined:

Hopefully Vanessa will keep her muff trimmed for the scene in the upcuming movie. I do have to say the photo that was leaked a few years ago was very lifting, but I just think that for the movie she should show a little variety and try out a different hair cut.

Any more ideas on that front, Johnny? Are you looking for a landing strip? A bare floor? Or perhaps a caged monkey?

In the same post, K Wynd let loose with this ejaculation:

I'm with CelebNews Wire when they posted this same story on their site. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I'm sick and tired of the empty teases! How many time do we have to put up with this "I may be naked" line? How many times must we be "Sucker Punched" by these teases who then giggle and say "Oh I would NEVER really get naked! My daddy and my minister and my boyfriend producer would get mad at me if I even walked around in my underwear!"?

We’re all tired of the empty teases, K. Thanks for being the voice of our generation.

Commenting on Part Six of Mr Skin's Top 100 Celebrity Nude Scenes Ever, LV Chris dropped this appreciation-bomb:

If you had told me that during season 1 of that series the lovely, but heretofore skingy, Anna Paq was finally going to show us her raq and it WASN'T going to be the highlight of the year, I'd have thought you were crazy. But the perfect pert pair of Miss Caplan managed to supercede even the debut of Sookie's comely cookies...and that's sayin' sumpin' right there.

It sure is. And finally, the inimitable Christopher Kowalsky, Sr. broke off a little something on the subject of side boob in response to a post about Hayden Panettiere’s fake nude scene in I Love You, Beth Cooper: “We've all seen THOSE before . . . right? We've seen them from the side, we've seen them from above, we've seen them from below and we've seen them every which way and loose.”

Well said. Keep those comments coming and don’t forget to follow Mr Skin on Twitter for all the latest nudes.