Sophie Turner Is Showing More and More

As we are all starting to discover how truly hot Sophie Turner is, I have a strong feeling she is also discovering how hot she truly is. Why else would she wearing this rather revealing black dress on the red carpet for the premiere of X-Men: Apocalypse?

Now, I feel the need to also point out that while this dress is rather revealing, it also appears to be somewhat complicated and I have no idea how Sophie Turner got into the dress nor do I know how she will get out of the dress. But, I guess all that is important is that she did get into this dress and she looks amazing in it. While it doesn’t give a fair amount of skin upstairs, the downstairs is almost wide open. Sophie Turner’s see-through dress gives us our first glance (or at least the first time I can remember) at her rear end. Sure, I think we would all love to have seen a full-on shot of Sophie Turner's ass, but a side butt shot is just as good. You wouldn’t want to get too much Sophie Turner at once—it might be too much for anyone to handle.

Yes, Sophie Turner is really coming into her own, and I strongly believe that in the next couple years she will be the leading lady we are all trying to get. It’s going to be beautiful, just like Sophie Turner.