That's what the National Enquirer is claiming! And while the tabloid rag's claim that Demi hooked up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville (left) on vacation in 2009 are totally not true- I mean, come on, it's the National Enquirer- honestly it doesn't really matter. It's great cougar-on-cougar masturbatory fodder either way:

As an anonymous source told the Enquirer:"After she got back home from the wedding, Brandi confessed to me, 'I hooked up with Demi Moore.'

Brandi was quite proud of what happened. She was bragging as she recounted every sordid detail. Brandi said they stopped what they were doing because Ashton interrupted them. "

And of course this was the one time Ashton didn't have his handy Nikon with him. You really dropped the ball there, dude.

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