She Is Also Super Strong And Super Hot

The following things impress me: people who know the difference between there, their, and they’re—and use them correctly, people who can answer the Jeopardy question before it’s finished being asked, and Danica Patrick. And of all those things, Danica Patrick impresses me the most because she is super hot, super strong, and super sexy. 

Sure, you might think two of those things are the same and you might be right, but when it comes to Danica Patrick hot and sexy really just scratch the surface. Just look at her doing a handstand. It’s a handstand; something we all did when were younger in the pool and tried to do that one time at a party only to end up having to buy the host a new glass coffee table and yet Danica Patrick does it with such ease, grace, and beauty. That’s pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Oh, did I also mention she’s super hot, super strong, and super sexy?  

And the best part about Danica Patrick is that she will continue to impress me in just about everything she does. Her Instagram account is filled so many super hot, super strong, and super sexy moments, one can’t help but be impressed over and over and over again.