What's a Chicago boat trip without a yoga pic!

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NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is one of those celebrities who always seems to garner media coverage, and not because she put her assistant in a toaster oven or something, but because she's a genuinely interesting, charismatic, and damn sexy woman! While I can't say that I follow her when she's behind the wheel of her #10 Natures Bakery Chevy, mostly because they've yet to invent the bikini portion of the car racing competition, I CAN say that I'm aware of when she shows off her banging, toned bod - like in these recent Instagram photos!



Boat bums!

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This past weekend the 34-year-old brunette bombshell posted a slew of pics from a trip to Chicago, where she took a boat out on Lake Michigan and apparently had quite the time. Those of you familiar with Mr. Skin may know that we're located in the great Skindy City (if you haven't heard that pun yet, than welcome to MrSkin.com!) and the fact that Danica was paling around with a blonde just a couple miles from my apartment while I was passed out in a deep dish pizza means that I'm doing something wrong with my life.

In the pictures Danica dons a tan bikini that flaunts her insane abs (but not too insane) as well as her rack, and you can even see some pokies. In the video below she gives us a less than graceful jump into the lake, but it's still adorable. God breast you, Danica Patrick. Don't ever change! 



Yes....We are scared of the water and things unknown.... But we still jump in.

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