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Courtney Lamanna - also sometimes known as Noah Lamanna which is the name you might find of hers on IMDB - is a beautiful actress that is turning heads and making waves all over Hollywood and beyond. She made her debut in Hollywood in 2012 in which she played Maelee Jacobi in the feature film The Last Movie. From there she starred in Copper (2012), Another Spring (2017) as Connie, Air Emergency (2019), The D Cut (2020) as Elisha, Private Eyes (2020) PR rep, Pigs (2020) as Marlowe, and Spaces (2019) as Kaari 25. Courtney has since changed her name to Noah, so we are excited to see what Noah has in store for us. Are you hoping for some nudity? Well, guess what? Noah Lamanna has already given nudity to us. Now, this is something to celebrate. She made her nude debut in the TV show American Gods (2021) during an episode that features so many nude debuts. Thank goodness! Courtney is part of a wild scene that features several naked babes. She is one of Laura's father's "friends" which is a nice way of saying lady that he bangs in a sex montage that features other nudes. She makes her nude debut as she shows off her hard, thick nipples on her small boobs as she gets on top of the guy she is banging. The show is called American Gods, but in this amazing scene Noah/Courtney is an American Goddess making international waves with those beautiful breasts of hers.