Cindy Crawford Is And Always Will Be Beautiful Beyond Belief

As I’m sure we all have been, I’ve been thinking about the collection of Playboy magazines I used to keep stuffed between my mattress and box spring. Of all of them, my most prized one, the one I would never share with friends, was the one of Cindy Crawford. And then these super sexy pics of Cindy Crawford fall into my lap and it’s as if the gods are smiling down on me.  

It’s crazy to think Cindy Crawford is, in fact, still this sexy. Well, I guess it’s not that crazy to think because here we all are staring at her fantastic side boob, basking in the glory that is her eternal hotness. It would be mind boggling if it weren’t just a fact of life. You know, there is a little part of me (or perhaps a big part of me) that is hoping there will be a Playboy special edition tribute coming out soon where the past bunnies, celebrities, and hotties will all come back one more time, take one more sexy picture to honor Hef. And if this does happen, they better do whatever it takes to land Cindy Crawford for that issue.  

There is no better person to model clothes designed by Cindy Crawford than Cindy Crawford. I’m kind of hoping they’ll have a t-shirt for dudes with her on it. I’m also hoping that somewhere in a box of old things is my Cindy Crawford Playboy.