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In this second installment of my conversation with Sirius Playboy Radio host and sexy film legend Christy Canyon, we talk about more personal issues like friends and family.

And you can get more Christy all the time at: RoadToChristyCanyon.Blogspot.com.

You initially quit porn in 1985. How many movies did you do when you re-entered this business?
The second time was in '89. I did eight for Canyon Video, which was Video Exclusives. I left them a year later and went to Vivid and probably did about two dozen for Vivid. I went with Vivid in 1990 and I quit in '93 for, like, six months and then came back in 1994 and quit for good in '97.

What's so funny is that people on MySpace say, "I'm a new porn star and I would love for you to be in my next film" and I'm thinking Gee, ya would? Like of course you would! I just always email back and say thanks but no thanks. If I ever made another film it would obviously be for Vivid.

What was the last movie you did?
The last boy-girl video I did was Domination Nation Part 1 and 2. And then I did one more after that: Where the Boys Aren't 9. Those are always fun, I love the Where the Boys Aren't series!

How did you meet up with Victoria Paris?
Through a website company. Victoria and I did a layout once together with Nina Hartley (Picture: 1 - ). That was in '89 or '90. I met her on the set and I thought she was really nice.

You wrote in your book about how one of the guys on that set wanted to date Victoria or something; one of the guys that you dated said she was a bitch or something. [Laughs] He was a weird guy with the weird pants.
Yes! What did I call him in the book? He was a set director. He was a wacko. But Victoria is great. In '95 she and I got together as friends because we were going to do this website thing. Websites were the new thing. "We could all make millions." So we did the website and millions turned into about $200 [Laughs].

Victoria pulled out eventually and it's like you don't have regrets because you always get the silver lining. We became best friends from this shit deal that we were in together.

And you danced together.
We did toward the end of both our dancing careers. The last year we would only go out on the road together.

And it looks like fun! I saw the pictures.
Oh, it was so much fun. How do you like the website ChristyCanyon.com? Now Vivid runs it and I totally trust them.

The pictures from the show are fantastic! I totally want to come on your Playboy Radio show and play with you guys.
This show? Of course! Any time you want to come on!

I swear to God!

Good, because I saw you guys pouring food on yourselves and I was like, I want to do that!
Every Friday on Playboy Radio we have "sploshing." It started out when this caller called in our first week and he said, "I had my wife sit on a jelly donut and it was so erotic." And Ginger said, "I don't get it." So she brought in a dozen jelly donuts the next day and sat on one. And you know what? It is erotic!

Ginger sat on one and the jelly just oozed out and I licked it from in between her legs and it was yummy and our fingers were all in it. So we decided that every Friday we were going to sit in something different starting from the beginning of the alphabet.

The first week I think I sat in angel hair pasta and that was up there. So we do something different every week now.

That sounds like so much fun!
Yeah. This whole corner [she motions to corner of studio with tons of props] is all of our paraphernalia, you know like dildos, lubes, and massage oils.

Well, yeah, that's great, I will come on your show. That would be wonderful. Are you married now?
Yes. To Grant.

He's adorable.
He is.

You don't talk about him in Lights! Camera! Sex!
That's because my first book cuts off at that.

So are you writing the second one?
No. [Sighs]

Can you, please? Everybody is so excited about it.
I have no time. I got through half of it and then I adopted my daughter, got this job three hours a day, and so I just don't have time. I'm with my daughter until I drop her off at school at one. Then I come home, get ready, get to work at 3:30, home at 7:15, and stay with my daughter for a while. I just don't have time.

The book is the kind of thing that will be there if I want to do it five years from now. Book one was just a fluke. I never thought of writing a book until I started this writing class, and then all of our stories were about whatever we wanted to write about.

Every week I would come to class with this story about the porn business or about my family. The teacher was like, "Oh my God, Christy, these stories are so intricate." The other students in the class asked me, "What are you going to read today?" They were fascinated. The teacher said to get a few extra stories and just start bridging the stories together; you will have a book.

And it was really good. I love that book. You could tell you wrote it.
Oh! Thank you! I did really write it, and I shopped it around at the beginning through an agent but I just didn't like any of the offers that were offered to me.

I did it because I loved doing it. And I thought if I get that twenty grand I'll never see another dime and I'll lose total control over this book. Now, I still sell it three years later.

It's my baby. I'm in the third printing. I'm in the third run. Somebody emailed me the other day from some agency and said, "Oh, we're interested in publishing your second book" and it was legit but it was a little publishing house. I wrote back, "Unless you're offering a hundred thousand dollars, I'm not interested."

So you didn't hear back from them?
No, I just would never want to sell out. Like a few people that were interested in the book at a low price wanted to change things. And I thought, this is mine, I don't want to change anything. I knew from my fan club alone I would make more than I was offered in the first week. And thank god with the era of technology with Amazon and Ebay. Ebay pulled my book for like four months because they said it was pornographic. I emailed them and said I was very insulted. This is my life.

It's not bad compared to some of the stuff out there.
Right. If they could sell Lady Chatterley's Lover then they can sell my book. And eventually they took it back, but they were pretty tough on me.

What do you think your personal style is? What would you categorize it as?
I like new, trendy stuff for the most part. Like right now I'm really into True Religion jeans or 7's.

Yeah, your belt is pretty trendy.
Thanks! [Laughs]

I'm very conservative as far as dressing but I'm not conservative everywhere else.
[Laughs] It's those kinds of girls you have to watch out for.

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