As you likely already know, Christina Ricci is the star and executive producer of Z: The Beginning of Everything, based on the life and livelihood of F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife. You've likely already seen her full-frontal merkin scene. But you likely don't know that she wanted it to be much smaller, and that she was excited about going full frontal for the show. (I mean, am I right?) 

Here's what she said in an interview with Marie Claire earlier this month:  

"I was just saying to someone, 'Well at least they included full-frontal nudity – thank god that’s in there!' It wasn’t such a big deal to me because I had a merkin on. It just feels like wearing underwear… fur underwear!" 

Well, OK, "fur underwear" isn't exactly my new favorite term, but I love the enthusiasm. Right before the show debuted in January, Christina told Refinery 29 that she wasn't particularly happy with the size of the furry pelvic pelt: 

"I wanted them to digitally reduce it. But I guess they didn’t do as much because I’ve heard from people that it remains extremely large.”

I often try to imagine how these kinds of conversations go. Did someone text Christina out of the blue like, 'Hey, just so you know, your bush is HUGE in that scene we see your boobs in!" I don't know, but it's delightful to think about. This period piece might never show Ricci's real rug, but let's hope her openness and enthusiasm for baring her Bs will take her in that direction for her next project.