We've long been waiting for Christina Milian to finally go topless, and it's kind of sort of happening. This gauzy red dress may technically be a dress, but it's capitalizing on the trend I've grown so fond: The see-through shirt. You'll see it on the likes of Kendall Jenner and many a Tumblr model these days, and it manages to show off your tits while still counting as clothing when you want to stroll around showing off the goods in public. It's great!

It's also a great look at Christina's nipple piercing - see how it catches the eye, even through fabric? A flawless execution. Bravo! Until this point, the only nudity we'd seen from Milian was when she got a Brazilian wax on TV:

Christina Milian Is Basically Topless

Collectively, this means a full-blown topless shot is imminent. I can't wait.