Cliche? Yes. But Christian Serratos Is Really That Sexy

You’re going to have to forgive me for making the obvious and cliché joke, but Christian Serratos is so hot she could, in fact, re-animate the dead. Yes, Christian Serratos could create a legion of zombies who would roam the earth crying for “Christian Serratosssssssssss” instead of “Brainssssssss.”

For those out there who thinkThe Walking Deadhas already peaked and have no idea why the show is still going on to that I say as long as Christian Serratos is still on the show, I’m still going to be tuning in every week. I don’t think they’ve reached their full Christian Serratos hotness potential on the show and that alone is the main factor one should consider when deciding whether or not to keep watching. Of course, I would also enjoy seeing Christian Serratos staring some different things, maybe some more adult things, but until that day happens, I’ll keep watching a show about Christian Serratos and zombies.

I know there are plenty of other clever and witty puns one could make about Christian Serratos and her hotness, but I really don’t want to put that much energy into it. I kind of focusing all I got on Christian Serratos and her amazing cleavage to do much of anything else.