Jack Donaghy would be proud of Chloë Grace Moretz's power clashing abilities in the September issue of Glamour UK, as it looks like she took bits of fabric from traveling circuses across different nations and had them sewn together by a chimpanzee. Moretz, 19, is already a masterpiece on her own, and Glamour apparently refuses to let her shine!

SPEAKING of mastering your piece, the only reason I'm even acknowledging the existence of these is because Chloë could make anything sexy, and the spread isn't a waste by any means. We get some nice cleavage in one picture where the barely legal stunner is bending forward in a chair, and we get some lacy action in the picture where she's dresses as Stevie Nicks dressed as Elvira dressed as Avril Lavigne.  

As you might have picked up on when you saw Chloë Grace Moretz running in slow motion on the beach in a bikini, this girl is a total and complete babe, and I think over the next few years is really going to become a perennial sex symbol. In today's photos for Glamour UK we get some hints at what makes her so irresistible - an innocent face, feisty personality, and of course that tight little bod. For those of you into clown porn, enjoy!

Via Glamour UK