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Chie Miyagawa

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Keywords: No Nudity, Asian, Black Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body

AKA: Chieko Miyakawa, 宮川千恵子, 宮川智恵子, 宮川知恵子


Chie Miyagawa is a multi-talented, multi-ethnic, multi-city babe. She has a meld of Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Singapore inside of her as a self-described "third culture kid". She is a Japanese American actress who lives in New York City and designs knitwear whenever she is not acting. She began her career acting in very short films starting in 2018 when she played a protestor in the movie Designer Genes and Melanie in Who We Became. From there, she starred as Jill Chen in Blue Bloods (2019). She was hilarious and interesting as Marie Kondo and as a spokesperson in the TV shorts from We the Internet TV. Yes, she is funny and beautiful, but her best work yet is when she takes off all of her clothes for a sexy sapphic scene. She plays a sexy Japanese nightclub babe in Invasion in 2021 which is a sci-fi series on AppleTV about an alien invasion that threatens to destroy humanity because the aliens do not come in peace. We see how five different regular people from around the world deal with this chaos and that is where Chie comes in. She is a Japanese sexpot who bangs another Japanese sexpot. The two of them are in their bras and panties in bed, pressing up against each other and tenderly kissing. Her partner gets distracted, thinking about her ex, and that stops the fun. Chie gets her clothes and storms out angrily. Let's hope she returns wearing even fewer clothes!