We love keeping grabs, I mean tabs, on Chelsea Handler's boobs here at Mr. Skin, for obvious reasons. Those puppies are pretty damn perfect, and their owner lets them out of the kennel on the regular! That's definitely the case in these sexy new Snapchats in which the 41-year-old comedian bares her breasts while chilling with Fortune Feimster and Lance Bass. There's a motley freaking crew.

If you haven't seen Chelsea Handler's mamlers, then welcome to Earth. It's a nice place but nothing to write home about. Handler, a staunch proponent of the "free the nipple" campaign, leads by example, and you can often catch her rockin' rack on her Netflix series Chelsea. It goes without saying that you can also find them on the glorious application known as Snapchat, where sexy celebs like, oh IDK, Ariel Winter, for example, show off their naughtiest selves. Now it's time to be YOUR naughtiest self while looking at a nude Chelsea Handler in the gallery! The debate rages on as to whether or not Handler's had some cosmetic help, but whatever the case, that's one perfect pair. Or... is it? Sound off below!

Via Drunken Stepfather