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There is a Cécile Pochet out there who is a competitive triathlete, and is even an Ironman finisher. This is not that Cécile. Our female is a French actress who is more recognized for her derriere than her face, and has been spanked by Gerard Depardieu for the posterity of film. In the French film Maitresse (1975), the brunette plays a female guest in the house of a dominatrix. She is tied kneeling on a chair, her face buried in a guy’s arm. Her ass is out, knees spread, with tufts of fur sticking out, as well as other delicate folds. A very young Depardieu uses a belt and his hand to pink up her cheeks while she emits tiny sounds of ecstasy. You never see her face, though, so it’s all about being able to identify her naked backside. The film was an early one for director Barbet Schroeder, who went on to do Hollywood films Barfly (1987), Single White Female (1992), andReversal of Fortune (1990), which won him an Oscar nom. Maitresse, however, was more on the raunchy side for the times, and even had to be cut by almost five minutes to pass UK sensors. For Cécile’s only other role, she appeared as the sexy-sounding “La femme au cinema” (which actually translates to only being a woman at the movies) in the film Perversions (1976), which was later released in video form by the title Sex Shock—which should tell you something about the contents. And also, maybe a little bit more about the mysterious Cécile…