Do You Think It Looks Like Her?

The world may have just gotten its first look at the Carrie Prejeannaked sex tapes in the form of grainy Paris Hilton-style-night-vision stills posted on the Internet.

The pictures show a hot blonde, who has yet to be confirmed as the former Miss California USA, lying nude on a bed and getting her pinky nice and stinky.

You can see the uncensored, NSFW pictures here and here.

The boobs look real enough, just as Carrie’s were before she spent the pageant’s money on a new set.

But in the absence of any proof, it’s hard to call this one.

Update: Fleshbot has tracked down and provided a link for the porn video that produced these stills. It shows a naked girl masturbating in bed while watching pornography, something Carrie Prejean seems unlikely to do.

Still, nothing is certain.

Take a look and tell us if you think that these green-tinted images show an embattled former beauty pageant contestant pleasuring herself wildly, blissfully unaware that she would soon be defending herself to Larry King and Barbara Walters.

Is it her: Yes, no, or maybe so?