Pop Tartlet Britney Spears Headed for the Big Screen with a "Sadomasochistic Sex Movie"?

Since she popped up (and barely kept covered up) on the pop scene in the late '90s, there have been rumors about Britney Spears getting bare and showing her lack of hair on film, be it in a big-budget movie or a homemade sex tape.

But now that the rehabbed head shaver is back on the path to fame, could a role in an S&M-filled flick be in her future? Reports FemaleFirst:

Britney Spears is reportedly in talks to star in a "sadomasochistic sex movie".

The troubled 26-year-old singer - who is currently recording her new album - is said to be in final negotiations to star in 'The Knoxville Carjacking Party'.

The movie will focus on the true story of two students who were allegedly carjacked, kidnapped and killed in the Tennessee city.

Ghetto Bragging Rights gossip columnist Clarence Star, who broke the story, believes it could be the right career move for Britney, explaining: "People need to see another side of Britney.

"However, it is feared the mother-of-two will not be able to handle the "intensity" of the disturbing sex scenes.

A movie insider said: "'The Knoxville Carjacking Party' has a lot of sadomasochistic sex scenes in it. While it's thought Britney can handle any average sex scenes, these scenes have a lot of intensity in them. She would have to raise her performance level to endure some of these scenes."

Mr. Skin thinks Britney can achieve anything she sets her mind (and, hopefully, exposed mams) to, so let's hope the rumor is true and Britney can turn The Knoxville Carjacking Party into a Cox Jacking Party!

And if any movie, anywhere contains a Britney Spears nude or semi-nude sex scene, whether it be "intense" and "disturbing" or sweet and vanilla, Mr. Skin will be there, pencil drawn.