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Top Ten Sunbathing Nude Scenes Screen shot 2018 07 25 at 1 27 31 pm 5ff86790 featured

There's only a few more weeks of sunbathing season left, so let's celebrate with some of our favorite nude celebrity sunbathing scenes!... read more

Watch Amber Heard in the Sexy 'London Fields' Trailer Heard informers hd n 07 infobox 1df127ff featured

Consider us seduced by Amber in the sexy trailer for London Fields. ... read more

Top Ten Most Searched Actresses of 2017 Screen shot 2018 01 04 at 9 27 19 am 74e1c048 featured

2017 was a wild and wacky year with many twists and turns that none of us saw coming. While poring over the data of the most searched actresses of 2017, we discovered just as many surprises we didn't see coming, and we're sure you will too! Here are the Top Ten Most Searched Actresses of 2017 on MrSkin.com!... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Mr. Roosevelt, Mudbound, and Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 11.17.17 Mr  roosevelt stars 7d9b8ff9 featured

We've got two films in limited release with some great nudity, along with six of this weekend's biggest stars in the buff!... read more

Amber Heard's Boobs Can Make Rainbows Ah 00578907 featured

Amber Heard Has Some Magical Breasts... read more

Amber Heard Takes A Sexy Vacation Ah e5c0476a featured

Don't Think Amber Heard Can Take A Vacation From Being Sexy... read more

Top Ten Knockout Naked Ladies of the DCEU Screen shot 2017 07 12 at 10 57 47 am 2495c0b7 featured

Begin typing...... read more

Amber Heard’s Mera Costume Is Worth The Price of Admission Tv1plu5x e000aae6 featured

Mera Better Get A Movie... read more

Top Ten Topless Texans Screen shot 2017 02 21 at 9 20 55 am 5ea50624 featured

Texas is sometimes referred to as "The Hottest State" and when it comes to actresses that were born there, that descriptor couldn't be more apt. These ten tantalizing temptresses were born in the Lone Star State and have helped it to earn its reputation for being so damn hot! Here are our Top Ten Topless Texans!... read more

The Art of Elysium's Heaven Gala Is Heavenly Spl1418376 007 724160d6 web 3aa18ae2 featured

Whatever Award Was Given Wasn't As Great As These Beauties... read more

The Ultimate Mr. Skin Soundtrack Vol. 1 Mrskin soundtrack graphic 53c14811 featured

Have you ever been driving in your car when suddenly a song comes on the radio that instantly takes you to one of your favorite nude scenes? Well, you're not alone.... read more

Amber Heard, Her Boobs, And The $10 Million Dollar Law Suit Heard informers hd n 07 infobox a2e3ae52 featured

Let's Put All This Behind Us And Get To The Amber Heard Nudity... read more

Amber Heard Makes A Sexy Splash As Mera Ah 90a16e4d featured

With Halloween growing closer everyday those of you who enjoy wearing dressing or have a party to attend in costume, you might be pondering going as a superhero. It’s an old classic, everyone looks as a superhero, but you’ve probably never considered going as Aquaman. I get it, but once you take a look at Amber Heard as Mera, you might want to change your mind. ... read more

Battle of the Babes: Evan Rachel Wood vs. Amber Heard Battle of the babes erw ah 246634e0 featured

While Amber Heard and Evan Rachel Wood might seem like a random pairing at first for Battle of the Babes, I see a lot of similarities between the two, starting with the fact that they're both feisty, seductive bombshells that I just can't get enough of. Both vixens have blue eyes, lean, tallish bods (Wood is 5' 6" and Heard is 5' 8"), 3.9 ratings on Mr. Skin, and definitely have their wild sides!... read more

The Eight Kinds of Nipples—and the Actresses Who Have Them Green the dreamers 741862 infobox 29215be5 featured

By now, it's possible you have heard there are eight distinct kinds of nipples. It is far more possible that years of experience/porn watching/Mr. Skin perusing gave you the vague notion that women have all sort of different nips going on. Either way, the fun part is this: They all have names! ... read more

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