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Mr. Skin’s DVD Pick of the Week

Screwballs (1983)—Blu-Ray
STUDIO: Severin
NUDE: Astrid Brandt (breasts, butt), Kim Cayer (breasts), Raven De La Croix (breasts), Terrea Foster (breasts), Jennifer Inch (breasts), Linda Shayne (breasts), Linda Speciale (breasts)
It’s easy to tell when you’ve met a fellow fan of this great forgotten ’80s teen sex comedy. Just mention strip bowling or the sacred name Purity Busch. After all, anyone who’s seen the film knows that Screwballs (1983) is the essential epic of horny high-school kids stuck in the early 1960s. The young male adults of T&A High are dedicated to getting into the pants of Miss Busch, renowned as the only virgin left in the high school. And if that sounds hard to believe, you’ll change your mind after you see how quick the other girls are to shed their clothes, including Jennifer Inch and Linda Shayne—not to mention the mature Raven De La Croix.
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