Betty White: Quite a Card!

Mon, Nov 16, 2015bySleuth

“What Betty White did in 2010 doesn’t usually happen,” gasped. “An 88-year-old actress with more than 6 decades in Hollywood, suddenly became the object of adulation of the Facebook-connected masses, which campaigned for her to host Saturday Night Live, boosting the show’s ratings. After a remarkable year for a star of any age, White has been voted the Entertainer of the Year by The Associated Press!”

“It’s ridiculous,” the saucy senior smiled about the salute {one of several signed in auction lot 36}

“They haven’t caught on to me, and I hope they never do.” This photographer didn’t catch on that the sly starlet was pulling his legand her middle fingerwhile posing perkily at her home in 1954!

But only Sleuth caught on to the fact that the Golden Girl voted ‘Best Looking’ in her class at beautiful-peopled Beverly Hills High in 1939 had parlayed those charms into an early career as an anonymous modelunearthing a series of nude poses and even an appearance in a ‘stripped’ poker deck {the complete ‘set’ is offered in its original box}.

The remarkable revelation put the first issue of Celebrity Sleuth Magazine on the mapparticularly after David Letterman surprised Betty with a copy of the sold-out volume on his October 2, 1985 Late Night show.

“It must have been awfully chilly in the studio that day,” Letterman laughedwhile White took it in stride: “She does look like methough Rue McClanahan [her glamorous Golden Girls co-star] swears that they used her body and pasted on my head. We all looked alike back in those days.” And a lot like this

“We all have boobs and bottoms,” the former Happy Homemaker acknowledged when confronted with Sleuth’s disrobed discoveries 30 years ago, “they’re just a little wider and lower than they used to be.” And Betty knows nudity will never go out of fashion: “More clothes, less clothesbreasts are covered, uncoveredthey’re in, they’re outsometimes they had to be outto be ‘in’!” Which is why she didn’t freak out when asked to sign this shot from a similar session: “You’ve got a lot of balls asking me to sign this picture,” the naughty nonagenarian noted, “so I think I will!”

Ironically, when the 18-year-old first made the rounds of the movie studios, she “was always turned down because I was ‘unphotogenic.’” Instead, Wikipedia reports, “White found work modeling.” When she was given a lifetime achievement award by the Screen Actors Guild 70 years later, presenter pal Sandra Bullock asked the audience: “Isn’t it heartening how far a girl as plain as she is can go?”prompting Betty to butt in: “Thank you from the bottom of my bottom.”

And that’s hardly the ENDthere’s much more in lot 36 of the Celebrity Sleuth auctionnow just 19 days away!