Sexier Than A Cup Of Coffee

When that alarm goes off in the morning (perhaps for the third or fourth time) and you finally roll out of bed, a nice hot shower and steaming cup coffee are the only things to prevent you crawling back under the sheets. While I love a nice a shower and coffee as much as the next man if you ask me the best way to start the day is with Elizabeth Hurley's cleavage.

Of course I would never say drop the suds and cup of Joe, but just try adding a little Elizabeth Hurley cleavage into your morning routine. Thankfully she's constantly posting on Instagram so you'll never have to use the same Elizabeth Hurley cleavage every morning. Just like with everything else one day you'll wake up and want some Elizabeth Hurley bikini cleavage, next day some Elizabeth Hurley sexy dress cleavage, or like today some Elizabeth Hurley sweater only cleavage. At least I think that's a sweater, to be honest I'm not 100% sure. The only thing I know for certain is her cleavage is fantastic. Is it a blanket?

Tomorrow morning after you've hit snooze for the final time, try a little Elizabeth Hurley cleavage first thing. I have a feeling it'll help put some extra pep in your step and make the day seem pretty great.