Monica Bellucci Topless Is The Best Part Of Any Decade

When I think back to the 90s, I think of grunge rock, plaid flannel shirts, and this new crazy invention called a mobile phone. While I’m sure all of those things brought a smile to your face as you thought of your favorite things from the 90s, really what we should be thinking about is Monica Bellucci topless.

Yeah, I know, we don’t really have to pick a certain decade to picture Monica Bellucci topless. Her topless days span a great many years, but really don’t you want to think about Monica Bellucci’s boobs? I know that’s something that brings constant joy to my life and having another reason to think about Monica Bellucci’s incredible breast seems like a great idea. As I sat here, flipping through these pics of Monica Bellucci topless I also wondered why there wasn’t a book for all her nude images through the years. And then I realized it would be the longest book every written and it would weigh so damn much as to hardly be practical. Still, it would make for one awesome and heavy book.

So, when you think back to the 1990s and the crazy things we did, watched, and wore, be sure to save some room for those fond memories of Monica Bellucci’s breasts. For really they were the best part of the 90s.