That's Some Fine Work, Photographer David Bellemere

We all have a job to do and we all do whatever our job requires. But every now and then it’s nice to be recognized for a job well done. So let’s take a moment and congratulate photographer David Bellemere for his stunning work with Hilary Rhoda, Anais Mali, Barbara Palvin, and Elsa Hosk in Lui Magazine. I just want everyone to know that I did a slow clap to standing ovation at my desk.

Wow, just wow. A topless Hilary Rhoda, a completely nude Anais Mali, a super sexy Barbara Palvin, and Elsa Hosk’s boobs, that is a pretty impressive resume if you ask me. Mr. Bellemere has a wonderful eye and really knows how to create some pretty incredible pictures. And sure there are some out there who are probably saying something along the lines of “Oh, if I had a camera and a topless Hilary Rhoda or a naked Anais Mali, Barbara Palvin in some kind of stringy lingerie or Elsa Hosk showing off her breasts I’d probably one hell of a photographer too!” Well, to that I say… if we could all be so lucky. Sadly, we are not photographers, but on the plus side we do get to see the results and the results are pretty awesome.

So while you are enjoying the breasts of Hilary Rhoda, Anais Mali, Elsa Hosk, and the cleavage of Barbara Palvin take a moment and thank Mr. Bellemere. For without him, we wouldn’t be able to see such wonderful sights. Also, thank Lui Magazine.