Emmy and Riley are two gorgeous brunette stars who have really gained notoriety - and nuderiety - through two bigs shows: Shameless and The Girlfriend Experience. The best thing about these shows? Both babes have done tons of nudity for them, leaving me to wonder why it's taken me so long to match them up. 

Emmy Rossum, a classically trained opera singer from NYC, had a more buttoned-up image before taking to her role as Fiona Gallagher, showing off a way, way wilder side. She's stripped to her skivvies for other roles before, but Shameless remains her only true nude showcase. Good thing there's tons of it!   

Riley, on the other hand, hails from LA and is the granddaughter of the late, great Elvis Presley - but I'm sure you knew that. She's had brief nudity in American Honey and Magic Mike, but The Girlfriend Experience easily takes the cake. She does play an escort, after all. 

Both lovely ladies are absolutely stunning and incredibly talented to boot. Who will it be, friends? 

Emmy Rossum



Riley Keough