Funnyman Dave Attell to Host New Gong Show, But Will It Be a Nude Gong Show?

Hilarious sad-sack gut-buster Dave Attell sat in on The Howard Stern Show to discuss (aside from his once having plunged the hairy recesses of Sarah Silverman) his gig as the host of Comedy Central’s new version of The Gong Show.

Among the oddball acts Attell said to watch out for on the ’70s revival were “queefers” and “a woman who shoots darts out of her vagina,” which are aimed at balloons tied to her husband.

When asked if such outrages would pass muster with Comedy Central censors, Attell insisted that the network was being “totally cool.”

Let’s hope so. But will they be as hot as vintage Gong Show panelist Jaye P. Morgan, who was not em-Barris-ed to bare her lusciously miniature milk mallets in the mighty Gong Show Movie?