We Peep, She Shows

After photos of former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day topless along with her costar Holly Madison leaked on the Internet yesterday, the Las Vegas revue star was reduced to tears.

After a night spent phoning lawyers to get the pictures taken down, Aubrey called in sick to the next day’s performances and made this youtube video as a response to all the haters.

Apparently, certain bloggers were critical of the busty bisexual babe’s body,

But not here at Mr Skin.

"A lot of people may not understand what it feels like for women to be judged like that,” said Aubrey in her J’accuse. “But as you can see, I'm not performing, which is the one thing I love doing most ... I'm not going to let anyone like Perez Hilton say that Aubrey looks ugly un-Photoshopped."

One look at Aubrey’s knockers in a nearly transparent pink bra in this video is proof enough for anyone.

But going really topless would be more convincing still.