From Danity Kane to AC/DC

It was Corey Glover who said, “everybody wants you when you’re bi,” but it is former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day who is living it.

While her good friend Jenna Jameson has come out as “totally hetero,” (news to her former live-in girlfriend Nikki Tyler), Aubrey has gone the other way, admitting “At this point in my life, I wouldn’t say one way or another what my preference is sexually.”

Aubrey’s antics have been getting a lot of attention on skin central lately. Back in August, she made a show of making out with supermodel heiress Lydia Hearst outside a club, but later revealed the Sapphic smooching was for a short filmed by designer Tara Subkoff.

In September, Aubrey gave an interview to Complex Magazine in which she proclaimed, “Really, I’m more turned on by watching the girls [in porn movies] than the guys.”

Later that month, she French kissed her dog lending some credence to the oft expressed fear that bisexuality leads to an “anything goes” attitude.

But now Aubrey is setting the record straight (so to speak), openly acknowledging her equal appreciation for the pole and the hole. She has even been showing up with female dates to events like the Zen Green Tea Liqueur launch party and Nascar Sprint Party NYC.

Don’t worry Aubrey, there’s nothing wrong with eating out with your girlfriends! In fact, Mr Skin insists upon it.