Hope It Wasn't Cold In The Theater

Back in the old days when one attended the theater—either live theater or a local movie house—one would dress up for the event. Nowadays it’s typically come as you are which some see a great and others not some much. But if you should feel the urge to dress up to attend a play, then you should go all out like Ashley James who rocked a see-through top and bra to see a play about the Bee Gees.

Now if you have no idea who the Bee Gees are I can’t help you there, you’re going to need to do a little research on your own. But for those of you who do know who they are I have to ask, do you think they needed a biographical musical? Anyway, there is a musical and I guess the upside is that thanks to its existence, we get to see Ashley James' awesome chest. After all, the Bee Gees rocked out (or should I say discoed out) in the 70s and nothing says 1970s like a see-through top. And yes, I know that a see-through works in any decade, just go with me on this one.

You know Ashley James has kind of inspired me, I might just wear a nice shirt the next time I go to the movies. Also, I hope the theater wasn’t too cold during the show or at least I hope Ashley James’ date let her wear his coat.