Porny AND artsy? Just the way I like it! Jonathan Leder's art is a celebration of womanhood and femininity, and utilizes retro photographic techniques and period details to evoke a vintage yet refreshing, ostentatiousyet demureworld for his models to bask in. And... BOOBS!

Now that you've seen almost every inch of the gorgeous Olivia Rose from Leder'slast shoot, it's time to take a look at Charlie Riina. The Polish bombshell has loyal fans on her Instagram(57.2K followers at the time of this article), and, according to an interview with Maxim, is looking to make a career jump to Hollywood. I'm sure that will go seamlessly! Here's what Jonathan Leder has to say abouthis buxom muse: Via Vimeo

There's no stopping our girl Charlie. This boisterous, bodacious temptress goes pedal to the metal in search of what she wants. She's every highway patrolman's naughtiest daydream and worst nightmare, and that's just the beginning. Once Charlie gets where she's going—all bets are off. She'll shimmy and shake her tasseled assets until there's no choice but surrender.

Well, vroom vroom to you too. Jonathan releases videos to go along with his limited edition photography books, and both can be purchased HERE.See some hot pics in the gallery, and check out the teaser video below!