Anyone Else Surprised When Eva Green Isn't Nude In A Movie?

Every so often you hear something and it doesn’t really make sense. For instance, when someone says they are a vegetarian, but they eat fish or when someone says they are afraid of tiny spaces, but they want to own a tiny home. So, when Eva Green says she is shy, but constantly takes her clothes off in movies I find that to be a little odd.

Since you probably aren’t an avid reader of W magazine, Eva Green revealed in the latest issue that she doesn’t consider herself a free spirit or an open person, but yet when the camera is rolling she’ll disrobe in a second.

“It is very paradoxical,” the actress says. “I am so shy, and, at the same time, I kind of expose myself literally to thousands of people. I don’t really understand why I do that. I need to go through therapy!”

In a sense, one could say that Eva Green is doing her own kind of therapy. She’s shy so the best way to get over being shy is to show off your incredibly sexy body. It’s the same idea behind someone jumping out of plane to cure their fear of flying. Shy or not, I usually find it surprising when Eva Green is not nude in a film.

We are all a little “paradoxical” as Eva Green puts it, but there is no way your contradictions or mineare as sexy as hers. I kind of wonder what a not shy Eva Green would be like in a movie. Maybe one day we will all find out.